Author: Jonathan Moore

The Top 10 Private Oil & Gas Companies in Alberta

Analysis using CanOils Assets shows that private companies oversaw around 330,000 boe/d of production in Alberta in July 2016, 74% of which was natural gas. To put this into perspective, this is almost six times the volume produced by private companies operating in B.C. in the same month (see note 1).

Source: CanOils Assets – find out more

Of these companies, Ember Resources Inc. is the single largest private operator with more than 53,000 boe/d in July 2016. Ember is owned by a consortium of investors including Brookfield Asset Management. The company’s assets are mainly located in the PSAC regions of Southeastern Alberta (AB3) and Central Alberta (AB5) and are nearly entirely comprised of natural gas wells. The second largest producer, Jupiter Resources Inc., is also backed by an investment firm, Apollo Global Management, and operated 36,500 boe/d of production in July 2016.

The company with the largest diversification in terms of the location of its operated wells is China-backed Calgary Sinoenergy Investment Corp., which operates around 24,000 boe/d after the completion of its Cdn$770 million acquisition of Long Run Exploration Ltd. in June 2016. The company operates wells in five PSAC regions in Alberta.


Source: CanOils Assets – find out more


1) “Production” in this article refers to operated production, rather than working interest production. CanOils Assets does also include working interest production estimates for every company with an ownership stake in a producing well in Canada, but this article only focuses on production from wells where each company is listed in government data as the operator.

2) All data included in this article is sourced from CanOils Assets. Find out more about CanOils Assets here.

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The Top 10 Private Oil & Gas Companies in British Columbia

Analysis using CanOils Assets shows that production from private operators in British Columbia has increased by 76% within one year, based on July production figures. In July 2016, private companies were the operators of just over 56,000 boe/d, compared to 32,000 boe/d a year earlier.


Source: CanOils Assets – find out more here.

The biggest private producers – based on operated production – are located in the areas of the Montney. This is perhaps unsurprising given the surge in activity over the past few years within the areas of one of Canada’s premier plays.

Canbriam Energy Inc., is British Columbia’s largest private producer, based on operated production as of July 31, 2016. The company operates in the Altares region of the Montney, and its operated wells produce around 22,300 boe/d. Every other private producer that operates volumes of over 1,000 boe/d is also located in the area of the Montney, apart from GS E&R, a South Korea-backed entity with 1,500 boe/d in the Liard Basin.


Source: CanOils Assets – find out more here.